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20th Jubilee for EuroGastro trade fairs in Warsaw

Held for two decades now, EuroGastro has become a key event for all professionals from the HoReCa industry. The period of 6-8 April saw a full range of market products on show at the MT Polska Convention Center, together with a wide programme of industry training and demonstrations by a number of world-famous chefs.

EuroGastro Trade Fairs together form one place where customers can access all that is the best and needed most in the HoReCa industry, including the latest global trends. This year, a total of 276 exhibitors from 17 countries participated in the trade fairs: Belgium, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Jamaica, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy.

The Management Board of MT Polska recognised the contribution of Lubiana SA as the first representative of the ceramics industry to develop and promote the Trade Fairs. We received a symbolic diploma bearing the new logo of the Trade Fairs and a book of the occasion, published especially for the anniversary. In the past our products have often been rewarded in the Best EuroGastro Trade Fairs Product competitions. These awards, together with the development of the Trade Fairs, each year gain in quality and value among the customers of the HoReCa industry.

This was the 18th time that we presented what we offer to such demanding customers as hotels, restaurants and other representatives of the general HoReCa market. It is extremely difficult to meet the requirements and expectations of this group; yet we are dedicated to the continuing extension and improvement of our equipment portfolio. Does the combination of high quality and broad portfolio with the best possible prices allow Lubiana, dare we say, to be the leading provider of porcelain tableware?

We presented our Gourmet and Cancun ranges, together with the timeless Victoria, Maria and older Afrodyta and Arcadia designs, which were met with approval from numerous participants visiting the trade fairs, including those already present on the market, those willing to change the tableware in their premises and those just entering the industry. The Tiago, Roma-Eto and Eto designs also constituted an interesting addition to what we offered, while as always during EuroGastro, there were people interested in and enquiring about cups and mugs. We established new contacts with coffee roasting plants, catering companies, restaurants, hotels as well as wedding venues, which are becoming an increasingly significant player in the HoReCa industry. The interesting arrangement of our stand attracted the attention of the beneficiaries of the Trade Fairs, thanks to the clear form, aesthetic presentation and minimalistic yet still noticeable accessories. The photographs of our products with cubist paintings in the background added a tone of modernity. The whole display proved to be an encouraging combination.

Thank you for all the positive comments and encouragements that we received. Invariably the EuroGastro Trade Fairs constitute for us the most important and the most successful national event for the HoReCa market.