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New retail space in our Łubiana Showroom

Yes, you now have a new exhibition area to enjoy at our Sales Showroom. We have made it available for you, our customer, so that you can appreciate even more freedom and pleasure while shopping in our showroom. More promotions, sales and novel products – and all this at our usual attractive prices!

We have spent several months altering the space, changing how it is arranged and providing essential equipment. The result is a total of 460 square meters of modern retail and exhibition space. As planned, the opening took place at 9 a.m. on 15 April, with the President of the Management Board of LUBIANA SA, Zbigniew Andrzejewski; Director Krystyna Wawrzyniak; and the Manager of the Sales Showroom, Ewa Polak, performing the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

We are open from Monday to Sunday.

All our efforts are made with you, our customer, in mind, so that your food tastes better and you always think of us fondly.