Quality and ecology

Lubiana porcelain meets all the requirements of the European and global markets. Internal quality checks are carried out at various manufacturing stages. Thus, the high quality of all our products is guaranteed by strict quality standards and norms. The raw materials we use in porcelain manufacturing are systematically examined in Lubiana's lab, and our entire manufacturing process is completed in a closed cycle. The Lubiana brand has won numerous accolades not only for design, inventiveness and innovation but also for our eco-friendly product manufacturing process. Green manufacturing stages play an essential role in the production of porcelain.
Our eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing strategy includes:


Porcelain “Made in Poland” — manufactured from natural raw materials and tested for harmful substance content.


Our own water wells and wastewater treatment plants— resulting in millions of litres of water saved every year,


Investment in innovative technologies — manufacturing with reduced CO2 emissions to the atmosphere,


Favourable working conditions and integration of the disabled,


Energy-efficient manufacturing — waste heat from the kilns is reused.