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Dear Sirs,

Due to the epidemiological situation in Poland, for several weeks we have been taking care of the health and safety of our employees, co-workers and customers.

We are not neutral towards coronavirus that is still spreading in Poland. As one of the largest employers in this area, we have a great responsibility and a social commitment to act in the interests of employees. Due to the epidemiological threat and the possibility of COVID-19 infection, we follow the instructions of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health. The factory strictly follows the recommendations and official regulations of the Council of Ministers. We have applied a lot of preventive precautions to keep health and safety of employees working in Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Lubiana S.A. Employee well-being is our priority.

So far we have introduced, among others the following restrictions:


All decisions are made to maintain the comfort during this difficult time for all of us. We constantly emphasize that the Company’s Management will make every effort to guarantee the stability of business operations and workplaces. We provide employees with all rights arising from the special law, including the possibility of using care allowance and partial remote work. We have a suitable stock of raw materials which allow us to keep the constant production in the near future. We cooperate with our suppliers and primarily with our customers to develop an optimal cooperation system. We are in constant contact with the local authorities in order to achieve the best effects for our community.

It is important for us that everyone will apply the regulations and keep in mind that common welfare is of particular importance. We believe that the above mentioned precautions should eliminate the risk of spreading the virus. The company gives internal instructions which employees are obliged to follow. We consider it as an effective way to fight the epidemic.

At the same time, we encourage you to acquire knowledge from the reliable sources.   On the following webpages you will find all information about prevention and the threat we are currently facing.


Yours sincerely,

The Board of ZPS LUBIANA S.A.