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Polska Grupa Porcelanowa will combine the potential of the three leading porcelain factories

Ćmielów, Lubiana, Chodzież, three Polish factories manufacturing porcelain products – combine their commercial and marketing structures. Polska Grupa Porcelanowa was established in July 2018 and the objective of the group is to increase the availability of high quality products having a multigenerational tradition. Four separate brands: Ćmielów, Lubiana, Chodzież and Ćmielów Design Studio will still operate within the Group. These brands have different types of offers but what joins them is their willingness to satisfy the needs of clients for whom the factories priding themselves on long-time tradition manufacture the highest quality porcelain tableware.



Polska Grupa Porcelanowa was set up under the influence of the changing environment and the clients’ needs of three leading porcelain manufacturers. We as a group combining the tradition with the contemporary times wish to distinguish ourselves not only with an excellent design and quality but also with an efficient organization and modern systems of cooperation with a dynamically changing market – says Piotr Witkowski, Commercial Director of Polska Grupa Porcelanowa.

In order to achieve these objectives a synergy of the potential of the two companies took place: “Ćmielów” and “Chodzież” S.A.  Polish Porcelain Factories as well as “Lubiana” S.A. Chinaware Factory incorporating four leading brands in the Polish market.  Such synergy allows us to build a strong, uniform trade organization which can meet the higher expectations imposed on manufacturers in respect of creative approach to the market and innovations.

Satisfaction and meeting the clients’ needs will be a success rate of Polska Grupa Porcelanowa owing to the common distribution for the four brands. The possibility of using and dispatching products from five Distribution Centres located throughout Poland shall significantly affect the availability of products and the quick processing of orders. Our priority is to use different selling platforms and to have employed a skilled and competent team to provide a professional customer service and aftersale customer service – says Piotr Witkowski.

Polska Grupa Porcelanowa creates four brands in the portfolio of a single investor – Wistil Group.  The brands have been winning hearts of Polish people for many years and these brands successfully represent a handicraft tradition outside the Poland’s borders. Brands of „Ćmielów” Polish Porcelain Factory and „Chodzież” S.A. Factory, carrying out its business since 1790, are located in the Premium and Prestige segments.  The Polish Porcelain Factories currently produce 420 tons of porcelain products monthly, whereof as much as 60 % products are placed on the domestic market. “Lubiana” S.A. Chinaware Factory has been steadily carrying out its business activity since 1969. The long-term experience of the factory in foreign market activities promotes the development – currently the factory sells its product on the markets in over 40 countries throughout the world. The factory is characterized by a high productivity manufacturing approx. 3 500 000 pieces of products monthly.

“Lubiana” S.A. Chinaware Factory together with the „Ćmielów” and „Chodzież S.A.” Polish Porcelain Factories , create one of the greatest group of companies in this branch.
Lubiana S.A. is a modern brand offering tableware at the highest world level. The factory specializes in manufacture of high quality porcelain products which excellently prove themselves in restaurants industry, hotels and homes.  Business and individual clients may choose from among many designs and decorations. By regular introducing of new, frequently innovative products having irregular shapes “Lubiana” S.A. not only tries to meet the expectations of more and more exacting clients, but primarily, is ahead of clients’ expectations. The “Lubiana” products in 70 % are exported, therefore, they can be found on the tables all over the world.

The Ćmielow collections are the return to the sources by restoration of the oldest and unique collector’s designs of traditional porcelain tableware. This classical and traditional brand is famous for historical porcelain tableware in new exclusive design. The Ćmielów porcelain products are delivered to monarchs and heads of states all over the world.

Chodzież is a favourite brand of the Polish families as products of this brand have been used during family ceremonies for many years.  The collections are changed each year to meet the current needs of subsequent generations. The elegant and functional porcelain products from  „Chodzież” include dozen or so designs developed by designers from the company Design Centre whose roots go the beginning of the company business activity.

Ćmielów Design Studio – its is a brand dedicated to the persons looking for a good, contemporary design. Collections designed by the company designers present the new face of porcelain combining the traditional craftsmanship of production and the modern approach to the aesthetic value. The design studio of the brand is managed by Marek Cecuła who is an artist appreciated throughout the world.