Popular and ecological – how we look after the environment

Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Lubiana SA, one of the largest porcelain manufacturers Europe, has made a milestone in terms of protecting the environment, recycling energy and water, dramatically reducing consumption of the resources in the production of porcelain. Caring for the planet has been part of the company’s mission for a long time, and the range of solutions introduced by the Board of Directors only confirms this. How can you care for the environment in a porcelain factory?


Lubiana is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe manufacturers of porcelain tableware. Since 1969, it has specialised in the production of porcelain, which is distinguished by its durability and multifunctional use. Its products are used by food and beverage operators, hotels and individual customers. They are now dispatched to almost 40 countries around the world. The company has its own production centre and its products are developed in collaboration with European designers. This ensures that the brand’s offering changes in line with trends in product development and decoration.

Being a pioneer in the industry is a great responsibility, so in its mission statement the company speaks loudly about corporate social responsibility, caring for employees and the environment and strategy is based on ecology. An ecological approach determines the company’s policy of technological innovation and socially sustainable business.

Any business growth inevitably goes hand in hand with an increase in the number of processes that take place at various stages of operation. This involves an increase in the consumption of energy, water and raw materials that are crucial in a porcelain factory, but also create a burden on the environment. This harmful influence can and must be minimised – Lubiana does it very well and effectively!

One of the first measures introduced by the factory was the reduction of carbon dioxide, made possible by constant investment in innovative equipment and technologies. Breakthroughs have been made in the production process by changing the energy used in the process. Already in the early 1990s, gas generator stations were completely closed and coal-fired boilers were replaced by oil and gas-fired boilers. The company also has its own wells and a technological wastewater treatment plant, which recycles the water used in the production process, while all waste generated in production is segregated. Lubiana SA also recovers thermal energy from production, which is reused for the centralised heating system without using external energy. Photovoltaic panels are also an additional source of energy, facilitating the production of own green electricity. Concern for the environment should be a priority for any business, which is why this factory uses only natural raw materials, for harmful substances at every stage.

It is also worth noting that Lubiana brand products are made from the highest quality minerals. This means that their life cycle is very long and the products – even if used intensively – serve their owners for many years, which fits in with the trend towards responsible consumption and zero waste. Porcelain from Lubiana is multifunctional, modern, produced in an ecologically sustainable way, but above all – 100% of it is made in Poland! Customers appreciate this, because buying porcelain, whether for the home, a restaurant or a hotel, should be a well-thought-out purchase. As well as being satisfied with the product, consumers are assured that the purchase is not harmful to themselves or to the environment.

Polska Grupa Porcelanowa combines the potential of three leading porcelain factories in Poland. The idea behind its creation in July 2018 was to increase the availability of high-quality products with multi-generational traditions. There are four separate brands within the group: Ćmielów, Lubiana, Chodzież and Ćmielów Design Studio, which differentiate the product range and are united by the desire to meet the needs of customers with top quality tableware with long traditions. As a group combining tradition with modernity, PGP wants to distinguish itself not only by excellent design and quality, but also by efficient organisation and modern systems of working with the dynamically changing market.

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