Porcelain in patisseries and cafés – the latest trends!

It is a well-known fact that nicely served food tastes better. The sense of sight has a very strong influence on both the taste of the food we eat and the intensity of our hunger. Therefore, well-selected porcelain will emphasise the aesthetic and taste values of served desserts and drinks. This relationship is understood and applied by café and patisserie owners who invest in fashionable porcelain. They select it with care so that it matches the style of their top catering establishment and its décor. As a result, guests feel more comfortable and have a greater appetite, which translates into larger orders and builds an opinion that the place offers delicious baked goods, coffee, tea, etc.


Porcelain – current trends or timelessness?

Certainly not everyone is aware that porcelain trends change from time to time. It is about shapes, colours, size and type of decoration. Of course, there are also timeless and universal collections that suit every occasion and have not gone out of fashion for years. So what to choose – timelessness or modernity? It all depends on your needs, as universal sets can certainly be used for longer. On the other hand, by following current trends, a café or patisserie is gaining a reputation as a modern, even exclusive place. What is now on trend in porcelain? Nowadays, thick-walled styles are the most popular, with minimalist decoration. What sets them apart are the interesting shapes that give them a unique character.

Porcelain collections for cafés and patisseries

One popular brand of porcelain, used for years in cafes and confectioneries, is Lubiana, one of the largest porcelain manufacturers in Europe. The collections most popular with restaurateurs include the Classic, Paula and Bola.

Entrepreneurs appreciate a modern take on the classic with universal, minimalist shapes. Such porcelain is perfect for cafés or pastry shops, where white is usually the dominant colour. There is plenty to choose from, as some manufacturers have a really extensive product range. This is of course not a rule, as for lovers of vivid colours and irregular shapes, slightly more daring designs will certainly be appreciated by customers. In this case, the Stone Age collection will be an excellent choice.

There is no doubt that serving baked goods or coffee properly in cafés and patisseries definitely improves their taste. This is because the sense of sight can disrupt the satiety centre in the human brain. Which collection will you choose for your interiors?

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