What to look for when choosing tableware for a wedding?

Organising a wedding is undoubtedly a difficult and time-consuming challenge faced by every bride and groom – who are not always aware of the difficulties. Choosing the wedding hall and then the furnishings, table setting and flowers is one of the key aspects of the planning process. What tableware to choose to make your guests’ tables look special?


A wedding is one of the happiest and certainly the most special days in the life of every bride and groom. So it is no wonder that everyone is doing their best to make sure that everything is ready for the event. Organising such an event sometimes involves months of making important decisions, eliminating mistakes, slip-ups and checking venues, products and items that together will create the perfect atmosphere for the event. One such key aspect that makes a wedding is the choice of tableware for the guests. A good restaurant should offer us good quality porcelain, which will add to the decorations on the table and also emphasise the character of the meals served. What should the bride and groom ask the restaurant when deciding on tableware?

Porcelain for a wedding – what to ask the restaurant?

A good restaurant is one that has a variety of tableware available. The bride and groom should have a choice between modern and traditional tableware, with a classic and quite elegant finish. A selection of available porcelain and great versatility of designs make it possible to choose the best option for the character of the event. Because let’s remember that in recent times, boho style weddings are just as popular as modern style events.

For idyllic, slightly Provencal parties, tableware with rounded shapes as well as hand-painted designs will blend in beautifully. It will emphasise the delicacy of other decorations and blend in with bouquets of a typically rural character. At weddings with a modern twist, it is better to serve dishes on square china with definite, slightly pointed edges. Slightly larger plates and deeper bowls for serving soups and pasta go very well with this style.

And what to look for when verifying the quality of porcelain?

Good porcelain is first and foremost white, but really white – not milky, not grey or any other similar shade. Of course, there are products available on the market in different shades than white, but then this should be clearly stated by the manufacturer.

If you want to serve your wedding guests dishes on white tableware, it should be a product with great aesthetic appearance that beautifully matches the elegant tablecloth. Good quality porcelain will also gently reflect the shape of the hand placed underneath it. To be sure that you are looking at genuine porcelain, simply hold the plate up to the light. Should you choose tableware with or without decorations for your wedding? It’s a matter of individual preference and restaurant facilities, but it’s in good taste to choose tableware with gold edges or all-white. A wedding is considered a particularly elegant and lavish event, so it is better to leave hand-painted porcelain for another occasion!

If you are looking for good tableware for your wedding, ask the restaurant about this brand: https://porcelana.pl/marki/lubiana. This is one of the more noble and proven examples of porcelain that restaurants use for a variety of events. Check out how it will look at your wedding!

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